Tristan Stevens Gift
backlit film print in lightbox


What music would play here?
What is the meaning of perfection?
Can I touch this?
Am I clean enough?
Am I good enough?


So much washing, wash your mouth out, cutting words, anime, the foyer of abandonment, lost humanity, nice is not a word I would normally use but here I am struck by its appropriateness, adrift, lonely, lose oneself, homogeny, surface cleaner, sparkling whites, veneer, poisoned apple, enamel, anti-bacterial, Logan’s run, Brasil, Carousel, Soylent Green, waiting for the dentist and the secretary smiles perfectly. When I was a kid (very young) I wanted the toothpaste that was advertised on the television with a sparkling ring (animated). When my mother finally bought me the toothpaste, I was utterly devastated to find the ring was not real.

Words in progress:

Germ Free

What price is perfection?
How can we ever touch this with our grubby little hands?
It started with soap as a young boy
From humble beginnings my sublimation progressed

In this enlightened age
I use something far more sophisticated
And I am pleased to say…
My body is now completely removed

Kim Wood