Words at the Black Swan – Session 9

Date: Sunday, 16 February 2014, 16:30 – 17:00
Workshop Leader: Rosie Jackson

Writing in response to the mixed media exhibition ‘Print and Clay’


View the collection of word works in response to the exhibition.

Exhibition Information

Print and Clay – Colour, Texture and Narrative
Sat 15 February – Sat 8 March 2014

This exhibition brings together four local artists who met at Bath University and have since regularly exhibited together across the West Country. They make prints, fabrics, pots and
sculptures, and while they regularly exchange ideas and influences their work is highly individual and even quirky.

Cath Bloomfield likes to explore colour, surface and texture through the media of print and collage. Inspired by nature, she uses a variety of techniques to open up lively visual conversations with the viewer.

Linda Bristow makes colourful flower and tree ceramics that try to capture their delicate blooms, twisting stems and spiky seedheads in red, earthy clay and smooth, milky slip glazes.

Belinda Brownlee uses digital photography to create fabric designs from the vibrant decoration of her carefully crafted pots. Her work ranges from ceramics to soft furnishings.

Alison Potter has created her own cast of engaging characters in her hand-thrown, biscuit-fired pots. Some of these cheeky chaps – and even cheekier chapesses – can be used as vases or containers.