Words at the Black Swan – Session 1

Date: Monday 11th March 2013 16:00 – 17:30
Workshop Leader: Crysse Morrison

Our inaugural ‘words’ session responded to Charlie Murphy’s exhibition ‘Retort’ curated by Sonja Klingler. This was a free pilot session and refreshments and cake was provided.

Crysse Morrison talks about the workshop on her blog: http://crysse.blogspot.co.uk/2013_03_01_archive.html

Exhibition Information

Charlie Murphy  ‘Retort’
Mon 11th March to Sat 16th March 2013

Charlie Murphy has worked with glass for over fifteen years;
employing many of its different qualities through casting, blowing
and lampworking towards touring and permanent exhibitions.

This new exhibition for The Black Swan presents a selection of
installation and wall mounted works inspired by the scientific
glassmaking techniques showcased in the video ‘Retort (turning
circles) 2011’ which is on loan from The Wellcome Trust.

Drawing out some of the emotional dimensions of this extraordinary
material, Murphy has created her own interpretations of anatomical
and botanical illustrations and re-configured a range of scientific
and medical glass-ware.