Words at the Black Swan – Session 8

Date: Sunday 12th  January 2014 16:30 – 18:00
Workshop Leader: David Davies

Responding to the exhibition SKETCH 2013
January 11th  February 8th 2014


This exhibition of 54 artists’ sketchbooks was presented by Rabley Drawing Centre. The SKETCH 2013 Open Sketchbook Drawing Prize uniquely promotes the diversity and importance of drawing and the role of the sketchbook in contemporary fine art practice.

“Handling a sketchbook takes us to the heart of the space inhabited by the artist. The turning of a page brings a flow of ideas: fragments of images to come, references to places visited, experiences absorbed and thoughts provoked. It is a unique and privileged position, the prospect excites and the time spent rewards.” Meryl Ainslie. Director, Rabley Drawing Centre.

More information on the Rabley website: click here…