Rick Rycroft at Tristan Stevens exhibition Fifthwall

Twenty Questions of FIFTHWALL

Is this space a front?
Is it an invitation or a display?
Where shall I start?
Can I touch this?
Am I clean enough?
Why do I feel dirty in comparison?
Can I hug this?
Why does so much of it feel so lonely?
Is this what will remain of me?
Is it a departure or a destination?
Why does it feel stand-offish?
What is the word for a being before it comes into being?
Why do I find it easier to engage with this through my camera?
How are the leads part of it?
Will the sand slip through crevices beneath as time goes on?
Why do these look like abandoned props from a Tom Cruise movie?
What music would play here?
How connected do I want to be?
What am I missing?
How should I live?

Compiled by Rick Rycroft from responses of members of the group