If you could see what I see through your eyes
Mark Karasick 2014

I’m From

I’m from
Mr Brains faggots
And a zig zag carpet as big as the sea.
A toffee to chew me to sleep
Kidnapping the teeth I wish I had now.

I’m from the wind up gramophone
A You’re Adorable.
I went to school and did the Initial Teaching Alphabet,
New hieroglyphics to appease my teachers.
I could read properly.

I’m from a faded floral dress among my schoolfriends’ bright Crimplene,
Worn with shame until a kind teacher told me it was pretty.

I got to play Angel Gabriel that year,
Leg bound up from a fall off the pogo stick.

I’m from the Dansette
Red and beautiful
And pouring out Peter and the Wolf while I
strutted in my leotard to the cat’s clarinet.

Then the chorus line,
At 13 I could learn quickly and kick my legs
£12 for 8 shows a week.

I’m from the Woolworths music centre that slurped up my earnings,
And the suede jacket with long purple fringes
So sniggering boys could tie me to my chair.
Mr Worsfold taught us Macbeth
And I felt fierce with the love of it.

I’m from a startling flight to university
To act nonchalant with new people
And come home in New Romantic billows
With my nose turned up.

Suzy Howlett