Chloe Regan, sketchbook

Sealed in a half smile…

After the sketch from Chloe Regan (2012) and quote therein ‘She was Cultured and Worldly’

Just smile, no need to say anything; he’s not listening.
Does anybody REALLY hear you?
Deep breath and
…I’m pleased with my dress, it came out rather well, simple lines.

Sometimes everything just fades away and,
I slip out of the moment.
Ink, a drift on a paper sea…
WAKE UP! Stay focussed. Who knows what would happen
if you let yourself go.

Well, here I am, listening to this man.
Wish he would stop talking.
He’s been talking for over a year now.
Speak out! Tell him the truth about the world and everything.
But my lips are sealed in a half-smile.

Kim Wood (2013)